Current Workshops

Is fairness really that simple?
What is fairness anyway?
What if your idea of fairness is not your client’s idea of fairness?

Our "Fine Art of Fairness" workshops answer these questions and more.

Topics include:

  • Fairness - What is it? What do you need to know to be fair? How fair is fair? Review the fairness checklist for individuals and agencies.
  • The Ombudsman - Everything you wanted to know about the Ombudsman’s office but were afraid to ask (or no one has clarified for you).
  • Interests - Learn how to draw out your clients’ underlying needs - and how those needs affect their ideas about fairness.
  • Decision-Making - What makes a decision fair? How can you build fair decision-making into your regular processes? What should you consider when communicating a decision?

This workshop is free and is open to Saskatchewan:
- employees of provincial government ministries, agencies and Crown corporations
- health sector employees
- municipal employees and council members

To register for one of the following workshops, contact us at 306-933-5500 or

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