Health Care Publications

The following publications are available from Ombudsman Saskatchewan at no cost. To order copies, please call 1-800-667-7180 or email us at

  • Res-in-care-brochure---thumbnail-en Promoting and Protecting Fairness in Health Facilities

    This brochure is designed for residents in health care facilities and their families. It outlines when to contact Ombudsman Saskatchewan and provides examples of the kinds of complaints we can take.

  • Admin-vs-clinical-thumbnail-en-1 Administrative vs. Clinical Decisions

    Ombudsman Saskatchewan can take complaints about administrative health decisions, but not clinical decisions. What is the difference? See this guide for more...

  • Resources-for-health-complaints-pic-en Resources for Health Complaints

    What kinds of health care complaints can the Ombudsman take, compared to other agencies in the health field? This brochure compares the Ombudsman's office with Quality of Care Coordinators, professional regulatory bodies and the Information and Privacy Commissioner

  • Health-care-case-examples-2-thumbnail-en Health Care Case Examples 2

    Here are more examples of the kinds of health complaints that Ombudsman Saskatchewan can take.

  • Niro-brochure---thumbnail-en Caring for Saskatchewan People in a Competent and Ethical Manner

    This brochure is published by the Network of Interprofessional Regulatory Organizations (NIRO). The brochure outlines options for people who have concerns about the conduct of a health professional and lists a number of organizations that may be able to provide assistance, including self-regulating professions, Quality of Care Co-ordinators and Ombudsman Saskatchewan.

  • Ppt-en-1 The Ombudsman and Health Care May 10 2013

    This presentation provides information about the Ombudsman's role in health care, including the expanded jurisdictional role effective September 1, 2012.

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