Recommendation Reports

  • Wsa-report-cover-en Report of Findings and Recommendations: Process for reviewing drainage complaints by the Water Security Agency

    This investigation looked into processes the Water Security Agency (WSA) used to address a farm couple’s complaint about drainage ditches. The report includes six recommendations: one to reimburse the complaint registration fee to the couple, and the other five to improve the WSA’s complaint processes and timeliness.

  • Pages-from-ombudsman-systemic-review-table--updated-april-28-2016-en Transitioning Youth with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Between the CFS Program and the CLSD Program

    Between 2008 and 2012, Ombudsman Saskatchewan received several complaints about the services provided by Social Services during or following the transition of youth between the Child and Family Services Program (CFS) and the Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) programs. On August 30, 2012, we provided notice of our intention to investigate the process Social Services used to transition youth (from 16 to 21 years of age) from the CFS program to the CLSD program. The review formally began in December 2012 and was completed in the summer of 2014.

    We made 26 recommendations to Social Services aimed at improving the transition of youth in care with intellectual and developmental disabilities between the CFS and the CLSD programs. Tentative recommendations were provided to Social Services in August 2014. In March 2015, Social Services accepted all 26 of our recommendations. Attached is a complete list of the recommendations and the status of Social Services' progress in implementing them.

  • Rrq1-2012-cover-en Recommendation 2012 - First Quarter


    Providing Complete Information (Workers' Compensation Board)

  • Rrq4-2011-cover-en Recommendations 2011 - Fourth Quarter


    Questions from Grieving Parents (Ministry of Justice - Saskatchewan Coroner's Service)

    Towards a Better Understanding (Ministry of Social Services, Income Assistance and Disability Services; Saskatchewan Social Services Appeal Board)

  • Rrq3-2011-cover-en Recommendations 2011 - Third Quarter


    When Exceptions Make Sense (Ministry of Social Services)

  • Rrq2-2011-cover-en Recommendations 2011 - Second Quarter


    Who Decided? What Was Provided? (Workers' Compensation Board)
    If Not, Why Not? (Workers' Compensation Board)

  • Rrq1-2011-cover-en Recommendations 2011 - First Quarter


    Trying to Succeed (Ministry of Social Services)
    How Was She to Know? (Office of Residential Tenancies)
    Notice Needed (Office of Residential Tenancies)
    How is That Search Going? (Public Guardian and Trustee)
    Ease the Pain (Workers' Compensation Board) - update on previous recommendation

  • Rrq4-cover-en Recommendations 2010 - Fourth Quarter
  • Rrq3-cover-thumbnail-en Recommendations 2010 - Third Quarter
  • Rrq2-cover-en Recommendations 2010 - Second Quarter
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