Featured Cases

Our Featured Cases are just a few examples of the many kinds of concerns that people can bring to our office. To read more examples, see our list of Featured Cases. For more information about what we do, or to contact us, see the "Make a Complaint" page.

The names of complainants have been changed to protect their identity.


Checking the Process

Kegan contacted us with concerns about the way his municipal council was handling a proposed development project. He was against the development and had started a petition. A number of people signed the petition and Kegan took the matter to council. The council then voted not to proceed with the development.

Although Kegan got the end result he wanted, he did not think that the council had handled the process correctly. We looked at the requirements in The Municipalities Act and the municipality’s bylaws. We also checked the minutes of meetings, which the municipality had published on its website. We found that it had followed the Act and its policies in responding to the petition and that its decisions were clearly documented and accessible on its website.

Status: No Further Action


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