Correctional Institutions

Provincial Correctional System

Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over provincial corrections. If you have a complaint about Corrections, contact them first. If you think their response is unfair, you can contact us.

If your complaint is about the corrections system in general, you can call Custody Supervision and Rehab Services at 306-787-8958.

If your complaint is about a provincial correctional facility, you can call the facility directly.

Pine Grove Correctional Centre 306-953-3100
Prince Albert Correctional Centre 306-953-3000
Regina Correctional Centre 306-924-9000
Saskatoon Correctional Centre 306-956-8800
Regional Psychiatric Centre 306-975-5400

For more information about ombudsman services to inmates of provincial correctional centres, see our corrections brochures: 

Promoting and Protecting Fairness in Correctional Centres (Men's)

Promoting and Protecting Fairness in Correctional Centres (Women's)


Federal Correctional System

Ombudsman Saskatchewan does not have jurisdiction over federal corrections. If your complaint is about the federal system, you can try calling the correctional facility or the Federal Corrections Investigator.

Okimaw Ochi Healing Lodge 306-662-4700
Saskatchewan Penitentiary 306-765-8000
Federal Corrections Investigator 1-877-885-8848

Additional Support

There are also two societies in Saskatchewan that serve the needs of male and female inmates: 

  • the Elizabeth Fry Society (for female inmates)
    Phone: 306-934-4606
    Fax: 306-652-2933
  • Toll Free: 1-888-757-6658
  • e-mail:
  • the John Howard Society (for male inmates)
    Regina Phone: 306-757-6657
    Saskatoon Phone: 306-244-8347
    Moose Jaw Phone: 306-693-0777
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