General Public

It is important that the people of Saskatchewan know there is a provincial Ombudsman who:

  • takes complaints about unfairness in government services, and
  • promotes fair practices for government organizations.

Does your group or community need more information about what Ombudsman Saskatchewan can do for them? Call us at 1-306-787-6211.

Here are some of the ways we can share information with you:


Want to know more about Ombudsman Saskatchewan? Call us. We can make presentations to community groups and other organizations.

Conferences and Trade Fairs

Do your conference participants need more information about our office? Is our work relevant to the theme of your event? If you are planning a trade fair or conference where our participation would be appropriate, give us a call.


Our office has various brochures and other printed materials that you can share with your group or community. Copies are available online or in print.

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