Information for MLAs

As a Member of the Legislative Assembly, you and your staff often receive complaints from the public. Some of these complaints can be appropriately referred to Ombudsman Saskatchewan.

What Kinds of Complaints Should You Refer to Ombudsman Saskatchewan?

For a summary of the kinds of complaints that you could refer to Ombudsman Saskatchewan, see What Types of Complaints Do We Take?

For more details, see Where to Complain.

If you are not sure whether a complaint should go to Ombudsman Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Children’s Advocate Office, the Saskatchewan Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner or the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, we have a reference sheet that may be helpful.

Complaint Follow-up

When you refer someone to Ombudsman Saskatchewan, you may be interested in the outcome or status of that person’s complaint with our office. The Ombudsman Act, 2012 does not permit us to share information about the complaints that come to us. For that reason, if you would like an update about people you have referred to us, you would need to contact them yourself. They are welcome to share their information with you if they wish.

Information for Constituents

We would be happy to provide you with Ombudsman Saskatchewan brochures and booklets. To order, call 306-787-6211 or 1-800-667-7180.

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