Information for Municipalities

Since November 19, 2015, the public has been able to take complaints about municipal entities to the Ombudsman. We have been meeting with municipal entities to provide information about our Office and to let you know what to expect when people contact us with a complaint. We will use this page to provide information and resources that may be useful to you in handling complaints, understanding the role of the Ombudsman, and making and communicating decisions fairly. We encourage you to check back from time to time to see any new information that may have been added.


General Information About Municipal Complaints

Our Office takes complaints about Saskatchewan municipalities and municipal council members. While many of our usual processes also apply to municipalities, we have also started an FAQ page to help answer some of the general questions about the way we handle municipal complaints. Additional FAQs are also available here.

We have several posters and brochures that are available to the public and municipalities. If you would like paper copies of any of these, please email us at or call us at 1-800-667-9787. 

Council Member Conflicts of Interest

As part of their role, council members are expected to work in the interest of the community rather than their own personal interest. While it is not unusual for a council member to have a conflict of interest, it is important to be able to identify when you are in a conflict and to take the appropriate steps. For more information, see our conflict of interest brochure and checklist. For some specific examples of conflicts of interest that we have investigated, see our Public Reports page.


Code of Ethics Violations

As defined in legislation and regulations, municipal councils must have a code of ethics. In addition, they must have a process for handling any complaints about potential violations of the code. For more information, see our document, "Handling Complaints Under Your Code of Ethics".


Presentations and Training

As much as possible, we try to make ourselves available to provide information to municipalities and the public about our role with municipalities. For information, see our training page or contact us at or 1-800-667-9787. You can also review some of our previous presentations on our Completed Workshops and Presentations page.






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