Information for Municipalities

Since November 19, 2015, the public has been able to take complaints about municipal entities to the Ombudsman. We have been meeting with municipal entities to provide information about our Office and to let you know what to expect when people contact us with a complaint. We will use this page to provide information and resources that may be useful to you in handling complaints, understanding the role of the Ombudsman, and making and communicating decisions fairly. We encourage you to check back from time to time to see any new information that may have been added.


Your Questions

We have started an FAQ page to address some common questions that we have received from municipal entities.


General Information and Materials

If you would like copies of our posters and brochures, please email us at or call us at 1-800-667-9787. 

For a copy of the PowerPoint slides from our recent webinars, see our Completed Workshops and Presentations page.






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