Ombudsman Saskatchewan does not have jurisdiction over public schools, private schools or colleges (except SIAST). If you have complaints against one of these organizations, contact them or their board directly.

Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over Colleges administered by the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST). Ombudsman Saskatchewan also has jurisdiction over matters administered by Saskatchewan Learning.

If you think SIAST or Saskatchewan Learning has been unfair to you, contact them first and ask if you can appeal the decision. If you think their response is unfair, contact us.

  • Moose Jaw SIAST Palliser Campus

    Phone: 1-306-691-8200
  • Prince Albert SIAST Woodland Campus

    Phone: 1-306-765-1500
  • Regina SIAST Wascana Campus

    Phone: 1-306-775-7300
  • Saskatoon SIAST Kellsey Campus

    Phone: 1-306-695-4300
  • Saskatchewan Learning

    Phone: 1-306-787-6030
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