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Update: St. Mary’s Villa Review



In March, our office began a review of the Saskatoon Health Region’s decision to move 10 residents from the enriched housing wing of St. Mary’s Villa in Humboldt. The review was initiated at the request of the Minister of Health and the Chair of the Board of the Saskatoon Regional Health Authority.

Our team has been working to thoroughly and impartially conduct this review and has now drafted tentative findings. It is an important part of our process to discuss these tentative findings with those who will be affected by them: the former residents and their families, the Saskatoon Health Region and the Ministry of Health.

These discussions will help us to double-check that our facts are correct and that we have heard and understood the information that was provided to us. When we have concluded these discussions, we will prepare our report for publication, table it in the Legislature and make it public. We have not yet set a tabling date, but anticipate that it will likely occur within four to six weeks.

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