Unfair government services - Having problems with a provincial or municipal service?  Maybe we can help.

Ombudsman Saskatchewan promotes and protects fairness and integrity in the design and delivery of government services. We take complaints about provincial government ministries, agencies, Crown corporations and many health entities. We also take complaints about  municipal entities.

If you have a concern about services you’ve received:

Step 1: Talk with your service provider.

Step 2: If you are still concerned and would like to make a complaint...

Make a complaint: 1-800-667-9787

"That's just not fair!"

Have you ever felt unfairly treated by a provincial government ministry, agency or health service, or a municipal office?

We might be able to help. Here are just a few examples of problems people have called us about. (Names have been changed for confidentiality.)

  • Gail was banned from visiting her husband in long-term care. What could she do?
  • Matthew owed money to SaskPower and was making the agreed payments of $200/month. So why was his power cut off without notice?
  • Hunter had an acquired brain injury and found it hard to use the phone – but that seemed to be the only way to apply for the rental housing supplement he needed. Why?
  • Lana knew there would be a cost when she called the ambulance for her brother – but there was a part of the bill that she didn’t think was fair. What could she do?