Provincial & Municipal Governments

It is important that provincial and municipal government offices know about the role of Ombudsman Saskatchewan, how to make fair decisions and what to do when we call. If your office would like to request a presentation or workshop, call us at 1-306-933-5500 or 1-800-667-9787.

Municipal Webinars

Who Should Attend:

  • elected local officials, such as mayors, reeves and councillors
  • municipal clerks and administrators
  • members of municipal committees
  • other municipal staff who may interact with the public or the Ombudsman’s Office

We do not have any webinars currently booked, but copies of past webinar presentations are available on the Completed Workshops and Presentations page.


"Fine Art of Fairness" Workshops

Would your clients say you are fair? What is fairness anyway? We can provide an interactive session that focuses on fairness, communication and client interests. See a copy of our workbook or call us for more information.

Open Workshops

From time to time, we offer workshops that are open to provincial and municipal government employees. For more details, see our current workshops page.

Workshops On Request

If your agency or office would like a workshop for your group, contact us at 306-933-5500.


Want to know more about who we are, what we do, and how we interact with government? Consider inviting us to do a presentation at your next meeting. Call 306-933-5500.

Conferences & Trade Fairs

Do your conference participants need more information about our office? Is our work relevant to the theme of your event? If you are planning a trade fair or conference where our participation would be appropriate, give us a call at 306-933-5500.


Our office has various brochures and other printed materials that you can share with your staff and clients. For more information, see Brochures and Reports.


The Forum of Canadian Ombudsman initiated a project to develop a self-assessment tool for public bodies. Several ombudsman offices, including our own, were involved. The first edition is now available: Fairness by Design: an Administrative Fairness Self-Assessment Guide. Please note that it incorporates fairness principles used in several provinces and is not specific to our own Fine Art of Fairness workshop program.

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