Ombudsman Saskatchewan has jurisdiction over many health entities in the province, including:

  • the Saskatchewan Regional Health Authorities
  • the Ministry of Health
  • the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency
  • many EMS and ambulance services
  • many hospitals and health care centres
  • many special care homes
  • many addiction services and treatment centres

If you feel that an administrative or policy decision of one of these entities is unfair, try to resolve it by talking to the person who made the decision or to a director or manager. If you are still unable to resolve it, you are welcome to contact us.

Complaints or inquiries about services or access to those services provided by a Regional Health Authority should go to the Quality of Care Coordinator for the applicable Regional Health Authority. If the matter remains unresolved, you are welcome to contact us. For more information about our services in health care, see our health care publications page.

We do not have jurisdiction over medical professionals or their associations. For example, complaints about the conduct or competency of a doctor (or other health care provider such as a optometrist, dentist or nurse) should go to their professional associations and licensing organizations. For more information and a complete listing of these contacts see the pamphlet published by the Network of Interprofessional Regulatory Organizations (NIRO).

Ombudsman Saskatchewan does not have jurisdiction over federal health issues. If you have a complaint or inquiry about a federal health program or service, contact Service Canada for more information about who to call.

Government of Canada
Phone: 1-800-O-Canada

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