Who We Are

What is an ombudsman?

An ombudsman:

  • takes complaints about a specific organization or group of organizations.
  • may investigate, mediate or provide other such services to help resolve complaints. 
  • is neutral and looks at the complaint from all sides

What is Ombudsman Saskatchewan?

Ombudsman Saskatchewan is an independent office, headed by the provincial Ombudsman. The Legislative Assembly appoints the Ombudsman. As a result, the office is separate from the government of the day and free to come to its own conclusions.

Just as the provincial Auditor holds the government accountable in matters of money, the Ombudsman holds the government accountable in matters of fairness.

Ombudsman Saskatchewan promotes fairness by:

  • taking complaints about unfairness in government services. 
  • educating government about fair practices.
  • making the general public aware of our services.

To learn more about the kinds of complaints we take, or how to make a complaint, go to Complaints.

We provide presentations and training to the general public and government bodies. If your group is interested hearing more about fairness and the work of the Ombudsman, go to Presentations & Training.

How do we do our work?

It’s a team effort. We have 24 staff who to take complaints, investigate, negotiate, mediate, educate the public and government about fairness, and perform a host of other tasks.

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